Using light energy to rejuvenate the skin isn’t a new technique, but it has evolved rather quickly and is now considered one of the safest, most effective means to achieve a better overall skin tone and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, discolorations, scarring, and other issues. Intense pulsed light, or IPL, is a procedure we perform for our clients in Ottawa and surrounding areas who come to us with concerns about dull, brittle skin that is showing lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, or more noticeable dark spots such as freckles and acne scars. It’s a non-surgical photofacial procedure with little to no downtime, making it popular for those who have a busy lifestyle. Our clients who receive these treatments soon realize better overall skin tone and less wrinkling.

What Does It Involve?

An IPL photofacial treatment is performed using a specialized flash-lamp. The lamp can be calibrated to produce a variety of rather high-intensity light frequencies. Each of these frequencies is absorbed more easily by certain tissue densities than others. In other words, the device can be adjusted to target specific concerns, such as skin discolorations, freckles, injury scars, and even melasma.

These denser, darker tissues contain what are known as chromophores. The dark tone of the tissue more easily absorbs certain frequencies of light energy. The tissue is damaged and is soon replaced by healthier tissue growth. Meanwhile, the skin itself, especially the epidermis, is unaffected. The energy passes right through the skin only to be absorbed by the target tissues.

Consultation and Treatment

We never perform this procedure without first consulting with the client. We want to examine the trouble spots closely so that we can customize a treatment schedule. We will usually schedule a series of treatment sessions that are spaced apart by a set amount of time.

During the actual treatment, the instrument is pressed against the skin and the lamp flashed for a few milliseconds. After a number of flashes of the lamp, the instrument is moved slightly and the process repeated on the next treatable area. There is very little to no downtime after the treatment, bandages are not required, and there is no long-term reddening or bruising of the skin.

Effective for a Variety of Issues

An IPL photofacial treatment can help with pigmented and vascular lesions, rosacea, melasma, freckles and age spots, injury and acne scarring, and even spider veins. Facial lines and wrinkles become less visible after multiple IPL treatments, and the effects are long-lasting.

Get Smoother Skin Without Surgery

A smoother skin surface, better overall skin tone, and less visible hyperpigmentation are just a series of IPL photofacial treatments away. If you live in Ottawa, Princeton, or the surrounding area, you’re near Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa in Peru. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your personal consultation!