Lasers and Radiofrequency

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

How Does It Work?

One of our of most effective skin rejuvenation procedures is laser skin resurfacing done by fractional ablative CO2 laser. Skin is one of our few regenerative body parts. When it is injured, the body reacts by making brand new skin. With this specific procedure, a fractional laser is used to ablate, or destroy, a fraction of the skin with heat energy after is has been numbed. The body recognizes this injury and immediately begins a robust response to heal and make new skin in the treated area. We also offer fractional non-ablative laser resurfacing. This laser energy injures the skin but does not destroy it. It has the same benefits as the CO2 laser, while requiring more treatments but less downtime.

The benefits of laser resurfacing include thickening thin skin, smoothing fine lines, creating smooth texture, and improving the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks.

This laser is best for lighter skin types of patients who are willing to protect their skin from the sun before and after their procedure. After this procedure, you must stay out of intense sun/heat for up to six months.   CO2 Laser Fractional Ablative Resurfacing requires you stay home for an average of three days after your procedure while your skin starts the healing process.   Fractional Non-ablative Resurfacing laser treatments only require abstaining from make-up application and intense workouts for 12-24 hours after the procedure.

After a consultation, Dr. Norris and her team can help you decide which type of laser resurfacing is best for your skin and your skin rejuvenation goals.