Get Your Confidence Prescription

New Patient Consultations

We welcome new patients to Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa! To serve you best, we require a new patient consultation with Dr. Norris, or “confidence prescription” as we like to call it, to discuss your concerns and the many treatment options that our premier medical spa offers, from products to procedures. Your new patient consultation will include a review of your medical history, a discussion of your cosmetic concerns, and photographs of your make-up free face with our Reveal Imaging Camera. This camera allows Dr. Norris to look at your skin at a deeper level to determine root causes of skin issues that you may have. She will discuss the best medical grade products for your skin concerns and how to incorporate them with what you already use. She will also discuss procedures that we offer to improve your skin’s health, make your skin flawless, and to stimulate your skin’s own ability to look younger. She will then discuss any structural issues that concern you and the many ways our medical spa can treat them. Facial balancing may involve injections with Botox or fillers, Sculptra, laser resurfacing or PDO thread lifts. This appointment may also include discussion of cosmetic lasers for laser hair reduction, IPL, skin tightening, WarmSculpting or vaginal rejuvenation. Each NNMD Confidence Prescription is customized to you, keeping your goals and budget in mind, ideally culminating in a one-year treatment plan that you take home.

Your new patient consultation is only required once when you first come to our practice and takes about an hour depending on your concerns. You may have procedures on the same day if you let us know this ahead of time. Since this is a large block of time on Dr. Norris’ schedule we ask for the payment for this consultation ($199) upon booking.  This is a non-refundable payment and $100 of it may be used for your first treatment.

For patients under 21, our consultation fee is $50 and it does not go toward a service.

For new patients scheduling only in-office teeth whitening, no consultation fee is necessary.

We look forward to meeting you!