Esthetician Services

Teeth Whitening

How Does It Work?

Our FDA-approved teeth whitening system delivers 1-3 shades of whitening within your first treatment. We utilize a patented LED whitening light for 30 minutes to activate the lightening gel in a comfortable disposable mouthpiece that is placed into your mouth. LED is safe for gums, teeth, and skin and most patients will not experience gum sensitivity after the treatment. The active ingredient used in this teeth whitening system is a derivative of hydrogen peroxide which is effective and less likely to cause sensitive gums.

Experience 1-3 shades brighter and whiter teeth in 30 minutes! No sensitivity and no downtime.

Teeth whitening is great for those who may be a current or previous smoker, an avid coffee/wine/tea lover, or looking to achieve a generally brighter smile. This treatment is most effective on natural teeth. Teeth whitening may be done on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis depending on your lifestyle and needs.