PDO Threads

How Does It Work?

PDO threads (Polydioxanone, aka absorbable surgical sutures) work by being placed under the skin on a preloaded cannula which is like a tiny straw. Part of the thread is left outside the skin when the cannula is removed. That thread can be pulled on to lift the skin in the trajectory that lifts the fallen tissue the best. The suture will break down over a few months, but the lift will remain a year or more. 

The benefits include lifting fallen skin tissue and stimulating neocollagenesis in the skin, meaning that there is improvement in the skin texture and fewer wrinkles in the overlying skin where the threads are placed. This procedure has little downtime and is done in the office with a local anesthesia,  making it very tolerable.

If you have the beginning of jowling in the lower face or mild to moderate skin sagging in the neck but you are not ready for a surgical lift. You should not have this treatment if you have thin skin, very thick skin, are pregnant or breastfeeding.