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Chemical Peels

How Does It Work?

A chemical peel is a form of chemical exfoliation and a resurfacing procedure that sloughs off the uppermost layer of skin to expose healthier and younger looking skin. Chemical peels provoke a controlled wound response which in turn stimulates the growth of new cells and increases the speed of cell turnover. Our chemical peels utilize a mixture of acids customized to your unique concerns. By mixing acids and providing a post-peel kit, our patients often notice micro-peeling (eraser-shaving appearance of the skin) for a few days.  At Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa, we use PCA Skin Professional Peels which can only be administered by licensed professionals who have advanced PCA Skin training and certification. Some of our peels are only available in a Physician’s office.

Chemical peels address a wide variety of skin concerns and can help correct uneven texture or tone, large pores, acne, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, superficial scarring and acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, and/or laxity.

Most patients are good candidates for chemical peels whether they are wanting to simply rejuvenate their skin’s appearance or are looking to treat specific concerns such as anti-aging, acne, pigmentation, or texture. Anyone who is pregnant or nursing, is allergic to any of the ingredients, has open facial wounds or open active acne, severe rosacea, has a current sunburn or is currently using Accutane (or within 1 year) is not recommended to have this treatment. Best results are seen with a series of treatments.