Hair Supplement 

Hair loss is a chronic and progressive condition affecting at least 50% of women by age 50 and 40% of men by age 35. Several underlying factors within the body can impact our hair growth cycle. Nutrafol developed their products using a multi-target approach that helps address the key root causes of hair thinning. Nutrafol is a novel nutraceutical with Synergen Complex, composed of patented botanicals with clinically proven anti-inflammatory, DHT-inhibiting, stress adaptogenic and antioxidant properties. At Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa, we offer different formulas for men, women under age 40, women over age 40, and postpartum women. We now also offer a hair growth serum for both men and women that helps support visibly thicker and stronger hair.

In the Nutrafol studies over 6 months of taking 4 pills daily, women and men saw an 80% improvement in hair growth, 76% saw noticeable growth of new hair and 80% saw improvement in hair thickness. This medical-grade hair supplement may be taken alone or in conjunction with PRF Hair Restoration procedures offered in our office. Nutrafol is gluten, shellfish, and soy free with no artificial additives.Nutrafol should not be taken with the blood thinner Coumadin.

Purchase your three-month supply at Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa for $209! Call us to order or to learn more about hair restoration procedures that we offer!