laser resurfacing

Fractional Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Lasers are one of the most innovative advances in non-surgical skin rejuvenation.  The Fractional CO2 laser is used for laser resurfacing, usually of the face, neck, and chest, in patients with moderate to severe signs of aging.  This laser produces the strongest wavelength of light used on human skin to eradicate old skin and promote new skin production.  Cosmetic Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is commonly used to treat deep lines and wrinkles, loose skin, sun damage, blotchiness and acne scars on the face, neck, and decollete’.

The Standard CO2 laser (in contrast to Fractional CO2) was one of the earliest gas lasers to be developed (1964) and is still one of the most useful in the medical field. It is used for soft-tissue surgery and for some cosmetic procedures (laser facelift).  The Standard CO2 laser vaporizes all the skin in a treated area and stimulates new skin production in that same area.  The negative aspects of the standard CO2 laser procedure are the extended down time of a month or more and the risks of side effects, such as infection and hyperpigmentation, are higher and often the procedure necessitates general anesthesia.

As CO2 laser technology has evolved, it’s been found that fractionating the CO2 laser beam results in much less down-time and a more tolerable procedure.   Dr. Nicole Norris at Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa in Peru, IL explains, “When we do Fractional CO2 laser procedures, a fraction of the old skin is left in tact which lessens downtime significantly to an average of 3-5 days.  The small amount of old skin left behind really expedites healing of all the surrounding skin.  With Fractional CO2 laser procedures, we can also customize the treatment down-time based on whether a patient can be off work for a weekend or a week.  Patients tolerate the procedure easily in our office with topical numbing medicine and a Zimmer chiller.  Post-procedure pain is uncommon when patients follow our post-laser instructions.  Our patients who have undergone Fractional CO2 Resurfacing are over the moon with their outcomes so far!”

Immediately after Fractional CO2 resurfacing the treated area can be red with mild swelling and there is a brown coating protecting the new skin.   As the skin heals underneath the brown coating will come off by itself and you will be left with new pink skin.  Make-up can be worn once the new pink skin is revealed.  In the first 6 months after CO2 laser resurfacing there will be continued improvement of the appearance of the skin and your body will produce collagen to fill in lines and wrinkles.  In just one treatment you can have a more youthful appearance with improved tone and texture of your skin. These results can be long lasting with appropriate home skin care, and diligent sun protection.  Best of all, you will look like you, only better!  If your New Year’s resolution is a more youthful appearance, call Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa to see if CO2 laser resurfacing is right for you!  Out with your old skin and in with the New!

Through January 31st, schedule Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing of your Face, and Your Neck will be included in the treatment at no extra charge! This offer is good exclusively at Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa after appropriate consultation with Dr. Norris.  815-780-8264