Getting pregnant is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting times of your life. Unfortunately, growing an extra life inside your body can cause intense changes to your hormones. While these hormonal changes will cause a lot of changes to your body, the skin will be the most affected. Pregnancy is known for causing the oil levels in your skin to drastically change, which eventually leads to frustrating breakouts and blemishes. The best way to combat these skin issues in Princeton and Ottawa is by getting a stork facial.

What Is a Stork Facial?

A stork facial is the only skin rejuvenation procedure designed specifically to help pregnant women. This is done by using a series of cosmetic treatments during one appointment to give you beautiful skin that every expecting mother deserves. Your skin becomes much more sensitive when you’re pregnant. This means that traditional facials or other cosmetic treatments will likely be too harsh for you skin. The last thing you want to do is to permanently damage your skin while trying to eliminate some blemishes, so it only makes sense to choose the skin rejuvenation procedure that was created to help pregnant women.

What Happens During the Stork Facial?

The entire stork facial will be performed at our medical spa in Peru, IL. There are three distinct steps to the treatment that must be performed to give you glowing skin. We will start by dermaplaning your skin shortly after you arrive for the appointment. The doctor will use a special device to remove the dead skin cells on your face during the dermaplaning process. Once all of the dead skin cells are removed, an oat milk face mask will be applied to your skin. This will help hydrate and soothe the skin at the same time. Blue light therapy is the final stage of the stork facial. This unique light is designed to prevent blemishes by killing all of the bacteria on the facial skin. The entire appointment should take no longer than one hour to complete.

What Happens After the Stork Facial?

You will be able to leave our medical spa immediately after your appointment is finished. There is absolutely no risk of side effects, so there will be no restrictions on your activities when you get home. The great thing about the stork facial is that it provides quick results. You can expect to have absolutely beautiful glowing skin after leaving the treatment facility. If you want to make sure that you keep this glowing skin the rest of your pregnancy, then you can schedule additional treatments. Undergoing a series of six treatment sessions over the course of two months will provide the best results possible.

Get the beautiful skin you deserve by visiting Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa in Peru, IL. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!