A medical spa is a unique medical practice.  It is a doctor’s office performing entirely non-surgical cosmetic medical procedures and offering cosmetic medical-grade products.  The cosmetic procedures are typically performed by a doctor or a nurse and the results are typically longer lasting and more effective than procedures performed in a day spa or hair salon.  Medical spas do not do plastic surgery so medical spa procedures have much less down time and are more economical as far as correcting cosmetic problems.  Medical spas offer correction for the skin, face, and body and treat men and women of all ages.

We asked Nicole Norris, MD, who owns a medical spa in Peru, Illinois, what a medical spa can do for you.  “Our medical spa is growing and changing everyday to keep up with the cosmetic concerns of our patients in a wide geographic area.  We started three years ago with Skin care consultations, Fillers and Botox and have expanded to offering at least 20 different procedures, which does not include the 15 different peels, masks and facials.  The best way to get started in our office, is to come in for a consultation regarding your cosmetic concerns.  For most patients, this involves a thorough skin and facial structure consultation with me.  I use a special skin imaging camera on this first visit to analyze your skin condition and how the structure of your face is aging.  I explain all your options, based on what I see, which can be everything from medical grade skin care to use at home to laser resurfacing procedures and in-office lifting procedures.  Some patients come in for one specific purpose such as laser hair removal, body fat reduction, a facial, or Botox.   These patients can come in for an abbreviated, focused consult to have that one procedure.   Our website is a great place to explore what we do and learn about the different levels of new patient consultation in our office.  Our office functions like your medical doctor’s office, helping you to fix cosmetic problems instead of medical ones, and keeping the focus on making you mentally happier, which in turn makes you physically healthier!  I have listed some of the non-surgical cosmetic procedures that we offer, and I was smiling to myself while doing so because there are three new procedures coming in the next few months that I didn’t even list!”

Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa offers:

In the month of June, Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa, is celebrating being open for three years with many specials and patient appreciation events.  Watch their website, NicoleNorrisMD.com, follow them on Facebook/Instagram, or call to subscribe to their monthly email Newsletter to be in the know about all these special June opportunities, 815-780-8264.