Our skin is a regenerative organ. This means that when it is damaged it heals and new skin replaces the old or damaged skin. This concept is used in cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate aging skin. One of the most talked about procedures for facial rejuvenation is microneedling. Microneedling is also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy. It is a cosmetic procedure that involves using a device that looks like pen and has multiple sterile needles on the tip. The operator which is usually a doctor or a nurse, will either use a stamping technique or multiple passes over the skin. Microneedling can be used to treat lines and wrinkles, loose skin, acne scarring, traumatic scarring, or skin texture. The procedure relies on your own body to make new skin to replace the old.

We asked Dr. Nicole Norris of Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa in Peru to answer some of our burning questions about Microneedling.

Is Microneedling on the face painful? “There is really little or no discomfort because we apply a topical numbing medicine first.”

Is there downtime after Microneedling? “Patients are most often asked to wait to wash their face for an hour after microneedling and then you can apply make-up if wanted. I personally have this procedure done at the beginning of my day at the office and then apply make-up. No one can tell I’ve had anything done. I do notice my skin is a little dryer for a few days after.”

How many treatments are needed? “We typically recommend packages of 3-6 treatments/year for best results. The number of treatments really depends on the severity of the condition of the skin. Acne scarring requires at least 6 treatments. I routinely recommend to all my patients over 30 years old to do three procedures a year to stimulate their own collagen to stay ahead of the aging process. My patients can choose between microneedling, Hydrafacial, medical-grade chemical peels, or laser procedures to stimulate their own collagen. I think many choose Microneedling because you can see the results of Microneedling within 1-3 months and they are really noticeable, despite little or no down time.

How long between Microneedling procedures? “We ask patients to wait at least 30 days between microneedling procedures.”

What is the procedure like? “When you come in for your appointment, any make-up on the face is removed. Then we apply topical numbing medicine for 20-30 minutes. The face is cleaned again. Microneedling is performed next. Tiny openings in the skin are made which serve as a direct channel to the deeper parts of the skin. A unique medical-grade product is then applied that stimulates brand new skin stem cells more effectively than platelet rich plasma (PRP), which is commonly used after microneedling. The purpose of using this product is to stimulate quick repair of the skin which provides brand new collagen and elastin to make the skin look younger, tighter and smoother. Lastly, moisturizer is applied.”

What is your favorite thing about Microneedling? “Microneedling is my favorite procedure to have at my office. I love that I am naturally treating my skin’s signs of aging, the results are truly noticeable to myself and others, and it’s not hard to fit it into my busy life.”

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