The holidays are right around the corner.  With them brings the anxiety of what to gift to our loved ones and good friends.  There really is no better gift than making someone feel confident in their appearance.  Dr. Nicole Norris of a local medical spa weighs in on what is the most popular procedure to gift.  “At Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa, we see that transformation to feeling beautiful and confident every day when patients come in for a Red Carpet Hydrafacial.  The Red Carpet Hydrafacial is the ultimate pampering to make you med spa gorgeous for an event or just because.  It is a combination of treatments that are all relaxing, as you would expect in a spa setting, but also produce medical-grade results.”

The Red Carpet Hydrafacial consists of a radiofrequency treatment on the skin around the eyes, Hydrafacial TM with dermaplaning to the whole face, red light therapy, and concludes with a hydrating oat milk mask.  Some patients also choose to have 30-min in-office teeth whitening as a part of their treatment.

Radiofrequency energy is a heat energy, but it is not a laser, so it is safe to use around the eye.  It feels like a hot stone massage.  Radiofrequency treatments around the eye relax the fine lines and tighten the skin all around the eye area making you appear brighter and less tired.

Dermaplaning is done with a surgical scalpel as a form of mechanical exfoliation.  It painlessly takes thickened debris off the top layer of skin and with it, any peach fuzz that you may have.  It makes all the products subsequently applied to be absorbed maximally.  The final result makes for extremely smooth skin texture, helpful for perfect make-up application.

Hydrafacial TM  is a machine that utilizes vortex fusion to push substances into the skin appropriate for each of the 4 steps of a Hydrafacial TM procedure.  The steps include crystal-free microdermabrasion, application of a mild glycolic/salicylic peel, extractions, and pneumatic application of rejuvenating serums and hyaluronic acid.  At the end of Hydrafacial TM, red light therapy is used for collagen stimulation and to remove any redness from the face.  Blue light therapy can be used if there are any blemishes on the skin.

Before your treatment is complete, a hydrating oat milk mask is applied which plumps the skin and is calming to the skin and the soul.

Dr. Norris adds, “After your Red Carpet Hydrafacial, we offer in-office teeth whitening for anyone with natural tooth enamel that they would like to brighten. It is a 30-minute procedure, utilizing LED light and carbamide peroxide, producing immediate results with little or no gum sensitivity.  If your event calls for a new make-up look, we also offer complimentary make-up consultations with our completely natural, but luxurious RMS beauty cosmetic line.”

A Red Carpet Hydrafacial is being offered for $425 and through 12/31/18, you will also take home a full-size Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum ($115 value) when you have a Red Carpet Hydrafacial.  Hyaluronic boosting serum brings moisture into your skin immediately smoothing lines and wrinkles and over time builds up your own collagen.  Stop by Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa to purchase gift cards, buy an e-Gift card at or call to schedule your own well-deserved Red Carpet Hydrafacial.