Tackle That Fat with Laser Body Contouring

Have you ever grabbed a handful of fat on your belly while looking in the mirror and wished it could be magically cleared from your body?  If you have, you are not alone, and your wish is now a reality.  SculpSure, however, is not magic, it is a laser that emits a specific wavelength of light that is only attracted to fat.   It was FDA-approved in May 2015 to compete with cryolipolysis (destruction of fat by freezing it).   Since 2015, SculpSure has repeatedly been FDA-approved to treat six areas of the body.  Patients and physicians continue to be impressed by the safety and efficacy of permanent fat destruction with heat energy.

Since most of you reading probably have more questions about this “too good to be true” technology, Dr. Norris from Peru’s Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa, agreed to answer our questions.

How does it work?  “The laser energy is targeted 1-2cm below the skin where the subcutaneous fat is located.   The energy emitted from the laser passes through the skin which is simultaneously being cooled with a freezer system at the end of the laser.   The fat cells affected by the laser energy will heat up and progress to cell death.  The dead fat cells are then cleared from the body through the lymphatic system over the course of an average of 12 weeks.  These fat cells are permanently removed from the body.”

How does it feel?  “The patient will feel alternating hot and warm through the 25-minute treatment.  It is quite variable how a patient senses fat getting warm, but it is often a pinchy or crampy sensation that lasts 15 seconds and then resolves for 15 seconds.  This cycling makes it very tolerable.  After the treatment, the area treated is cool to the touch due to the freezer system that has been cooling the skin.  There is no swelling or pain or downtime.  There are no restrictions after the procedure.  Patients are asked to massage the area and drink lots of water in subsequent weeks.”

What areas are treated and what results can be expected?   “The most commonly treated area of the body is the stubborn fat of the core (abdomen and flanks).  Patients may also choose to treat thighs, arms, bra fat and fat under the chin.   Patient’s can expect to lose an average of 25% of the fat in the treated area after a 25-minute session.  Most of our patients have two treatments on their area of stubborn fat and see the full effect of the treatment an average of twelve weeks from the treatment date.”

Who is a good candidate for SculpSure?  “If you are healthy and can maintain your weight most of the year, you are a good candidate.  If no matter what you do, you have an area of stubborn fat that never budges, that is a perfect area of the body to treat with the SculpSure body contouring laser.  Patients who have a BMI less than 30, eat a healthy diet, and exercise 3-5 days per week get optimal results. Some patients choose to do SculpSure as a jumpstart to their healthy lifestyle transformation.  In regards to treating fat under the chin, this treatment is best for those who have inherited a double chin, which can be treated with SculpSure successfully at any body weight.”

Is it safe?   “SculpSure has a very low risk of any side effect because the laser energy is only absorbed by fat.  SculpSure leaves all the rest of surrounding tissue intact, including skin, nerves, arteries, veins and organs.   Occassionally, a patient can develop a small lump of fat in the treatment area during the process of it being cleared from the body, but these gradually shrink and resolve without intervention.”

Will I have loose skin left behind when the fat is gone?   “The beauty of heat energy for body contouring is that heat tightens the skin.  In my experience, once the fat is cleared, the skin tightens up behind it.  SculpSure will not, however, improve loose skin that is already present.  In contrast, body contouring done with cryolipolysis does not cause any skin tightening.  The cosmetic results after SculpSure are superior to any other body contouring device currently available and makes my patients extremely happy.”

If you want to see if you are a candidate for SculpSure, you can visit Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa on 10/9, 10/10, or 10/11/18 for a free consultation.  Tackle your stubborn fat this fall and receive special pricing on SculpSure Core, Thigh and Double Chin Packages by making an appointment during this 3-Day SculpSure Promo Event.  Call 815-780-8264 to make your appointment!