RMS Beauty

At Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa, we believe that skin health and your physical health are directly related which is why we strive to offer the best quality clean makeup. We have researched hundreds of makeup lines to find one that is in line with this philosophy, RMS Beauty.

RMS Beauty is an original, pure, and organic cosmetic line created by celebrity make-up artist, Rose-Marie Swift. Rose-Marie Swift is a make-up artist working with some of the world’s most prestigious models, actresses and magazines. Years ago, she began experiencing severe health problems, which was found to be due to heavy metal and other chemicals she was exposed to in her profession. She created RMS Beauty using better, safer ingredients so that women can enjoy luxurious, high-quality products without compromising their health.

Each product is formulated using raw, food-grade, certified organic ingredients to hydrate and illuminate for healthy, radiant skin. RMS Beauty’s line of products is anti-aging for younger skin and nourishing for mature skin – consider it skincare with mineral color, giving make-up a whole new meaning!

We would love to help find the perfect clean makeup products for you. Makeup consultations and private tutorials are available by appointment only.