Everyone has an area of their body with troublesome fat that keeps them from feeling their best in clothing. It often seems that no matter how much one exercises or diets, that troublesome area does not change! If you are healthy, have an area of body fat you cannot seem to budge, and need to look good for, let’s say, a wedding, you are a perfect candidate for body contouring with the SculpSure TM Laser. This procedure is done by a physician, requires no downtime, takes two 25-minute sessions, and final results occur an average of three to five months from the treatment date.
The SculpSure TM laser was FDA-approved in 2012 to treat abdominal fat. It has been FDA-approved now 4 more times to treat the flanks, legs, double chin, and back. SculpSure TM continues to be FDA-approved for more areas of body fat because it is effective and very safe.
In one SculpSure TM treatment, you can expect to lose an average of 24% of fat in the treated area. The risks of this treatment are minimal and there is no downtime. Since Sculpsure TM may sound too good to be true, we decided to ask an expert.
Dr. Nicole Norris of Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa in Peru, IL uses the SculpSure laser in her office, so we asked her about her experience. She states, “SculpSure TM is an amazing technology that I have been using for 2 ½ years for those with stubborn fat who desire to look better in their clothing with no surgery and no down time. My SculpSure TM patients are consistently thrilled with their results. They chose SculpSure TM over CoolSculpting TM (the only other body contouring device available) because results with Sculpsure TM are more aesthetically pleasing and due to the fact that there is no risk of long-term nerve damage that can occur with CoolSculpting. The laser energy that is used with SculpSure TM permanently destroys fat cells in the treatment area and those fat cells are then cleared from the body over 12 weeks. The heat from the laser also tightens the skin so when the fat is lost, the patient is not left with loose skin. SculpSure TM also creates a smooth transition from treated area to the untreated area with no “step-off” that can be created with CoolSculpting TM. 90% of my patients have 2 treatments on a troublesome area of fat and 90% of my patients treat more than one area of fat on their body. By far, the most common areas of fat we treat are the lower abdomen, upper abdomen, and flanks (love handles). Although, treating double chins is getting to be almost as popular. We offer SculpSure TM packages to treat multiple areas of fat in one visit that makes SculpSure TM very affordable and patients get the best results in the quickest time. If you are wanting to see results for a wedding or another special event, it is best to start treatments a minimum of 16-18 weeks prior to the event. The results are permanent as long as you can maintain your weight.”
If you want to learn more and see if you are a good candidate for SculpSure TM, call Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa for your free ScupSure TM consultation! If you book your SculpSure TM procedure before the end of February for yourself, you will receive 10% off your SculpSure TM package. If you book your procedure in February for you and a friend or your Valentine, you will both receive 15% off your package! Call 815-780-8264 for your free SculpSure TM consultation!