nova thread lift

PDO-based Nova threads are a highly effective way to reverse the signs of aging. At Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa in Peru, IL, we firmly believe that you don’t need to undergo invasive surgery and months of preparation and recovery to improve your appearance. That’s why we proudly offer a number of non-surgical ways you can reverse the aging signs that make you feel a little self-conscious, like the Nova thread lift. Read on to learn more about it and find out if it’s right for you.

How Long Will a Nova Thread Lift Last? 

How long a Nova thread lift lasts depends on several factors, including your age, diet, and skincare routine. Generally, PDO NovaThreads last intact in the body for three to six months before the body slowly dissolves them. During this time, the skin in the local area ramps up collagen production, and your results are derived from an increase in localized collagen production. Therefore, you can expect your enhanced aesthetic to remain steadfast for several more months.

What Can I Do To Extend My Ideal Results? 

There are factors you can’t change, like your age, that affect the longevity of your results. However, there are factors that you can change. If you want to enjoy your anti-aging results for as long as possible, you need to take care of your skin every day. One effective way you can care for your skin and extend your ideal results is to moisturize daily. However, this will not be sufficient if you have dry skin. Rather, you will need to commit to moisturizing twice daily.

Another effective step to maintain your youthful appearance for as long as possible is to wear sunscreen every day and reapply it regularly. This will help you look years younger for longer because sagging skin and other signs of aging are often caused by an insufficient amount of collagen. Protecting yourself from UV damage

What Other Steps Can I Take To Maintain My Restored Youthful Visage? 

Making sure you eat nutritious meals is another effective step you can take to maintain your restored youthful visage. Vitamin C is the most important micronutrient to consume in abundance because it is required for your skin to produce collagen. When it comes to skin health, protein is far and away the most important macronutrient. It is made up of amino acids and your body can break that macronutrient down and use the amino acids to produce and fuel collagen.

Furthermore, you should ensure that your diet is high in fruits and vegetables that are very water-dense if you find yourself struggling to drink water regularly. You need to be hydrated enough that your urine is fairly clear for the deepest layers of your skin to be hydrated properly. This will give you a solid chance of having long-lasting results. Moderating alcohol intake and avoiding tobacco consumption will also help you extend the longevity of your results.

Am I a Good Candidate for This Treatment? 

You can’t know for sure whether a Nova thread lift is appropriate for you until you sit down with an aesthetic expert and discuss your health, concerns, and goals. If you’re a relatively healthy adult and worried about loose, sagging skin and wrinkles, there’s a good chance you’ll qualify, though. In addition to being relatively healthy and concerned about cosmetic problems caused by collagen loss, it is important that you can follow all preparation and aftercare guidelines.

What Preparation Guidelines Will I Need To Follow? 

Since it’s important that the treatment areas aren’t irritated at the time of your thread lift, you need to not schedule any potentially irritating anti-aging treatments a couple of weeks prior to your thread lift. Similarly, it is important that you do not use any hair removal techniques in the treatment areas that may irritate your skin. For example, you shouldn’t tweeze unwanted hair. Wearing sunscreen and minimizing sun exposure will also benefit you.

In addition to avoiding skin irritation, you need to ensure your blood pressure is normal when you come in for your thread lift. Therefore, you will need to avoid smoking, consuming other products containing nicotine, and drinking alcohol. Even if you don’t drink enough alcohol to increase your blood pressure, alcohol is a toxin, and your body will flush it out along with vital water and nutrients.

What Recovery Guidelines Will I Need To Follow? 

During your initial consultation, we will give you a complete list of recovery guidelines to follow. One of the most important guidelines is to sleep on your back to avoid excess pressure on your threading sites.

Schedule Your Initial Evaluation Now

You shouldn’t be surprised if the results of your PDO Nova threads last for around a year. However, the actual longevity of your results depends on how well you care for your skin. If you think a Nova thread lift would boost your self-confidence, drop us a line at Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa in Peru, IL to schedule your initial anti-aging consultation. Dr. Norris will discuss your concerns and goals and develop a safe, effective treatment plan that suits your unique needs.