Get Fit!

Weight Management Program

Enrolling in Get Fit can change your life!

This is a concierge medical weight loss program where you will be coached on healthy diet and exercise habits, while also prescribed weight loss medication by Dr. Norris and her team.  If you are interested in the Get Fit program, you will complete an eligibility form so that we can see if you are a good candidate.  After reviewing your eligibility form, you may be scheduled for a consultation with Dr. Norris that will involve a thorough medical and weight loss history to further ensure that our weight management program is a good fit for you. Dr. Norris will then order labs and you will begin your journey to a healthier you. Our program requires weekly or biweekly 30-min visits to our office, injections of weight-loss medication, as well as diet and exercise coaching. There are no specific foods or shakes or supplements that you must purchase.

Our goal is to help you lose fat (not muscle) with a healthy balanced diet, daily exercise, and prescription injectable medication to make your calorie restriction a little easier.  The medication that we utilize is obtained from an FDA-approved compounding pharmacy and is either semaglutide with L-carnitine or tirzepatide with L-carnitine. Both medications help to control cravings, make you feel full faster when eating a meal, and help your body to burn fat, not muscle. Dr. Norris has found that relatively low doses of these medications can be all that is needed to boost fat loss success when patients have a balanced diet, exercise and are healthy.  After you reach your fitness goal, we guide you in weaning off the medication and help you maintain your new body with your new healthy habits!  This process can take 6-24 months depending on the amount of weight you need to lose and how quickly you wean off the medication.  This program and the prescription injectable weight loss medications (semaglutide with L-carnitine or tirzepatide with L-carnitine) are not covered by insurance.

Get Fit Eligibility Form

Please print, fill out, and mail or drop this form off at:

Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa
2220 Marquette Rd.
Peru, IL 61354