The most commonly used neurotoxin for the cosmetic treatment of lines and wrinkles formed by our expressions is Botox TM (botulinum toxin A). On April 12, 2002 Botox Cosmetic was FDA-approved to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe lines between the eyebrows. It has since been FDA approved to cosmetically reduce the appearance of crow’s feet lines caused by squinting and forehead lines caused by looking surprised. Botox TM is injected into the muscles that cause these expression lines and weakens them, so the wrinkles caused by their repeated contraction soften. These results begin to be noticeable in 7-14 days and the effects of Botox TM last an average of 3 months. Most people are familiar with the brand-name Botox TM, but there are other forms of neurotoxin available now that anti-aging consumers may like even better. We asked Dr. Nicole Norris at Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa to tell us more about our options and how they compare to Botox TM.
“Dysport TM is another popular brand-name of neurotoxin. It was FDA- approved April 29, 2009 to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe lines between the brows. Clinically it is used in the same areas of the face as Botox TM is used. The difference between the two medications is that Dysport TM has a higher affinity for the muscle so it kicks in quicker (average 2 days) and lasts longer (average 4 months). Many of my patients choose Dysport TM to treat their expression lines because the price is the same for both, but Dysport TM can last longer. I guess you could say Dysport TM gives you ‘more bang for your buck!’ Yet another brand-name of neurotoxin is Xeomin which was FDA-approved for the treatment of expression lines on the face August 2, 2010. It is very similar to Botox in terms of efficacy and onset of action. The only difference is that it does not need to be refrigerated.”
Dr. Norris continues, “Whichever type of neurotoxin you choose for your cosmetic needs, they all work essentially the same and have the same potential risks. Botulinum toxin A is the neurotoxin and active ingredient in Botox TM, Dysport TM , Xeomin TM. One molecule of neurotoxin weakens one muscle fiber so that it cannot completely contract for 3-4 months. When we cannot repeatedly make an expression, the line caused by this expression softens and disappears. Obtaining this wrinkle-free appearance, without looking overdone, is the result that we strive for which makes our patients extremely happy and coming back for more!”
Tamara Smith, RN who also injects Botox TM and Dysport TM at Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa discusses the possible risks of this procedure. “Since these neurotoxins are injected with a very small gauge needle, there is a risk for a small bruise or rarely an infection, but we minimize this risk using sterile technique and ice pack before and after the injection. Another potential side effect is spread of the neurotoxin into a muscle that we do not want to be weakened. In our office, we take many precautions to avoid this. It is another reason, why it is important that you choose a medical provider familiar with the anatomy of the face to trust for your cosmetic injections. Since none of these neurotoxins act immediately, we always offer patients a follow up appointment in our office within 2 weeks to add a little more, if needed. As a new Botox TM or Dysport TM patient to our practice, any neurotoxin we use at this initial two-week touch-up appointment is complimentary. We want all our patients to have the best cosmetic result possible, in a relaxed, safe, medical environment. It’s a Botox Party here every day!”
To celebrate Botox and Dysport’s Birthdays in April, Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa is having special promotions that you won’t want to miss. If you come in for Botox or Dysport in April, you will receive $20 off one area, and $50 off 2 areas and $90 off 3 areas. The three most commonly treated areas include the forehead lines, lines between the eyes and crow’s feet lateral to the eye. Each of these areas of Botox/Dysport is regularly priced at $290. If you are a new patient to our practice, coming for Botox or Dysport, you will also receive $50 off your one-time new patient consultation the day of your appointment (regularly $100). Call Now to Book your Birthday Botox or Dysport at 815-780-8264! Learn more about our new patient appointments at