Even now in the time of smaller gatherings, a wedding is a time to look your absolute best.  Whether you are the bride, the groom or in the wedding party, your appearance is likely of utmost importance.  The photographer and videographer will be recording how you look for posterity and all eyes will be on you that day.  When getting ready for a special event, consider adding a consultation at a medical spa to your plans.  Medical Spas offer non-surgical cosmetic medical procedures to not only make you appear younger, but also the best version of yourself.  We asked Dr. Nicole Norris of Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa in Peru, Illinois to answer some of our questions about how a medical spa can help men and women look amazing for special events.

When do you recommend that patients come in before a special event to devise a plan for their rejuvenation? It really depends on their age, budget, and goals. We prefer to have initial consultations at least six months prior to a special event, such as wedding.  With only three months of preparation time, we may be limited in the results we can achieve, but we can still, for example, treat expression lines with Botox, use filler to treat lines and wrinkles, and get the skin glowing with Hydrafacial TM.  For younger wedding party members who already have good skin, a week’s notice is enough to get them on the schedule for a brightening facial with dermaplaning and maybe even in-office teeth whitening.

What are the most common pre-wedding procedures? For my patients prepping to be camera ready, I recommend Botox prior to special events because it helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles when you are smiling and making expressions.  At most special events you are socializing and having pictures taken and the area around the eyes is the focus of attention.  Botox should be done a minimum of two weeks prior to your special event and will last an average of 3-4 months.

Every patient preparing for a special event at our medical spa, plans a facial with dermaplaning or Hydrafacial TM with dermaplaning within a week before their event.  Professional make-up application always looks better after dermaplaning which is an exfoliating procedure that reduces the vellus hair on the face for a short-term.

We also offer non-surgical body contouring treatments, Warmsculpting, and skin tightening treatments that many patients take advantage of when preparing for a big event.

What do you think is the most important thing to focus on in terms of appearance before an event?   I believe your skin is the most important aspect of appearance at any age.   And I believe it is just as important for the men in the wedding party, to have great skin, as the women.  Depending on their skin concerns, we often treat wedding party participants with a series of facials, chemical peels, microneedling, lasers, or Hydrafacials TM prior to their big day to give them the best skin of their life.

Depending on what female bridal party members are wearing to the event, the skin of the face may not be their only concern.   Many special events lend themselves to formal dresses that also expose the skin of the decollete’, shoulders, or back.  My new favorite procedure to rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck, and decollete’ prior to a special event, is a series of topical Biovitalizing treatments.  This is a fabulous treatment developed in Italy and recently brought to the United States which makes any skin-type tight, plump and radiant.  The treatment has similarities to a chemical peel, but there is no pain, peeling or downtime.  These Biovitalizing skin treatments are ideally done in a series of 3-5 treatments weekly or bi-weekly prior to the event.  This is ideal for aging skin or hyperpigmented skin but promotes attractive skin at any age.

What is your favorite event treatment to do before a wedding?  My favorite pre-wedding treatment is a series of treatments!  Getting a great result in my office is a little like going to the gym.  One workout is not going to change much.   I love to do a consultation at least four to six months prior to a special event and lay out a plan.  We love getting to know wedding party members and hearing about their plans and getting to know their families. We always have them send us pictures of the final product on the big day which is extremely rewarding!

Call Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa in Peru, IL for your pre-event consult with Dr. Norris to start on your path to looking fabulous for your special event.   If you come in for Pre-Event consultation in February 2021, your $99 consultation fee will go towards your pre-event procedure!  Call 815-780-8264, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or message us from NicoleNorrisMD.com to learn more.