In the most recent census data, 2.73 million US citizens reported having a facial 4 or more times within 6 months in 2020 and 13.52 million people did not have one at all during the same period.  According to Dr. Nicole Norris of Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa in Peru, IL, “The number of people having facial services on a more regular basis has trended upward from the last US Census but there are still way too many women and men missing out!  I think if more people understood that facials are so much more than a relaxing treat on vacation, they might make them more of a priority in their life.  In my office, facials are considered a skin treatment that can be customized to your skin concerns, a way to get your skin ready for a more aggressive treatment that we offer, an event treatment, or a way to maintain great skin we have helped you achieve through other modalities.”

Dr. Norris continues, “When you come into my medical spa for your initial visit, we take pictures of your face without make-up using a skin imaging camera that allows us to not only see the surface of your skin but also issues lurking beneath.  During your consultation, we ask you about what skin concerns you may have and offer education about the best medical-grade cosmetic products and procedures to treat those concerns.  Often a facial is the first step toward a patient’s skin care goals along with a solid home care regimen.  For instance, if a patient admittedly has never really done much for the skin of their face and comes to me for skin rejuvenation, I will often have them start a series of facials to get their skin prepped and healthy for a more aggressive anti-aging treatment with a laser or a microneedling device.  When they follow this protocol, it will ultimately lead to their best result.”

“Another great reason to have facials, is to get your skin looking its best for an event, like seeing family and friends around the holidays or a holiday party”, adds Amanda Visione, licensed esthetician at Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa. “By performing superficial exfoliation and vellus hair removal with dermaplaning, your make-up application looks more professional.  Your skin will also actually glow through your make-up, and you will less likely have blemishes for your big event, with facials as part of your event prep!”

Sierra Vaessen, licensed esthetician at Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa, believes that facial maintenance is central to the best skin of your life.  “When I see patients monthly for a facial, their skin shows it.  They may have done other procedures here that are more aggressive for anti-aging but to maintain those results and protect their investment, facials are key.”

“Facials are not all created equal,” states Kelsey Thrush, licensed esthetician and laser technician at Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa.  “First of all, a good facial should always start with dermaplaning which technically can only be performed under the supervision of a licensed physician.  Secondly, a skin consultation and medical history prior to a facial are important so that we can customize your facial to what your skin needs and make sure the products that we are using are safe for you.  And most importantly, the back bar of products used for your facial make all the difference in the world.  We use medical-grade skin care products backed by studies and created in a lab by a team of health-conscious cosmeceutical chemists.  You can be sure that you are getting not only relaxing me-time when you come for your facial here, but also a facial with real results.”

If you would like to see what a series of facial treatments can do for you at Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa, call their experienced medical spa team to set up your facial consultation and become part of the trend in this country to have regular facial treatments for healthy skin.   As Dr. Norris always says, “Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin!”  Check out their facial menu online at or follow them on Instagram/Facebook to know when they offer facial specials!